Friday, 30 December 2016 18:41

Crucial Juncture

The New Year is only a few days away and the excitement of 2017 brings with it new challenges.

New Mexico is at a crucial juncture. Are we going to stand for free markets that will diversify and grow jobs or will politicians control and limit our state’s economy with ‘tax and spend’ policies?

Some in our Capitol seek to make New Mexicans rely more on government. They work each day to expand programs that require citizens to bend to the will of politicians and bureaucrats in Santa Fe or Washington, D.C.

At the New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) we work for you.

We don’t receive tax dollars or government handouts. We’re not beholden to politicians. That’s why we’re so effective.

There are plenty of challenges that await us in 2017. From $15/hr minimum wages to tax reform, environmental regulations to fixing the state’s budget, much is on the table. NMBC will be there, seeking accountability of taxpayer dollars and working for policies that promote a healthy business environment. With no nonsense 'Heroes and Zeroes' analysis, NMBC will be in the roundhouse trenches reporting the truth back to you.

But we can only do so with your support.

We hope you’ll consider a special end-of-year gift to NMBC before time runs out.

We look forward to continuing to stand alongside you in 2017, as we work to make New Mexico more prosperous and free than ever before.


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