Tuesday, 20 June 2017 14:35

How many government employees does it take to…..

How many U.S. Forrest Service employees does it take to run a chipper? While in northern New Mexico near Taos recently, NMBC came across the above scenario. Apparently, it takes nine federal workers to handle feeding pine branches into a wood chipper. NMBC spends a lot of time talking about the need to reduce dependence on government programs in New Mexico. The other half of the equation is reducing government dependence on a bottomless pit of tax dollars that encourages waste and a ‘spend it so we can get more next year’ mentality.

Cristina Arnold, NMBC Regional VP, takes on NM talk radio on Roswell’s 106.5, Mornings with Mike Winters: Working in New Mexico to improve the business environment; getting government out of the way so job providers can expand opportunities for more New Mexicans; working to break generational chains of government dependence? “Yes, yes, and yes…that’s what New Mexico Business Coalition works to do,” said NMBC VP Cristina Arnold. Get tickets to the July 14 Roswell Luncheon HERE and see a video of the radio show HERE.

Special thanks to our July 14, Roswell Action Lunch sponsors: Thank you to our Silver Sponsor Armstrong Energy and other sponsors, Pecos Valley Wellness, Tinnie Silver Dollar, Body Therapeutics, and Complete Rehabilitation Services

New Mexico Water is a hot commodity: The Land of Enchantment is enchanted with many wonderful things but is lacking when it comes to water. That is a commodity critical to every New Mexican and creating current challenges for one of New Mexico’s most important industries: oil and gas. A recent decision by State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn has created quite a controversy over the use of fresh water from the Ogallala aquifer. Read more HERE.

2017 Heroes Banquet: Tickets are on sale now for the Annual NMBC Heroes Banquet on September 8, from 6pm – 9pm, at the Hyatt - Regency, in downtown Albuquerque. Limited seating available for this event – get tickets HERE.

Nominate a HERO: If you know an Elected Official, Appointed Official, Business Leader, Community Leader, or Young leader who deserves to be recognized as an NMBC Hero, download the nomination form HERE and email it to NMBC at nmbiz@nmbizcoalition.org no later than July 31, 2017.


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