Tuesday, 10 October 2017 15:18

Take action now against mandated wage increases:

NMBC has always stood against government mandated wages because they are unnecessary and actually harm the people they are supposedly aimed to help. Why? They are unnecessary because free markets have increased minimum wage in many large retailers. For example, Target recently announced it would raise its minimum starting wage to $15/Hour.

Mandated wages are harmful to those it is supposedly aimed to help because smaller employers simply cannot afford the mandated increases and will be forced to cut hours or jobs. Most working people, although they undoubtedly would like an increase, would prefer to be fully employed than to lose their job altogether or see their hours cut.

Tonight, Tuesday, 10/10/17, the Bernalillo County Commission will vote regarding a cost of living increase on the minimum wage. It’s ‘only’ 15 cents an hour, but another intrusive government move against business.

To voice your opinion, show up for the meeting beginning at 5 pm at One Civic Plaza NW. Or send the commission an email to commission@bernco.gov, using the sample language below (please add/edit and fill in your own words too):

Dear BernCo Commissioners:

I urge you to vote against the cost of living minimum wage increase on your agenda tonight. Businesses in Bernalillo County do not need your dictate on wages. I am confident that businesses will pay competitive wages, if they hope to retain qualified employees.

Please vote against raising the Bernalillo County minimum wage.

Thank you,


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