Legislative Hero says ‘NO’ to Raised Gas Tax and ‘YES’ to Saving our Perm Funds: With so many New Mexicans out of work and struggling to provide for their families, the last thing we need are increased taxes. While some legislators tried to raise taxes on gasoline, Representative Jason Harper was one of those who voted NO and stopped this effort in committee. Rep Harper said, “For the pain we’ll cause New Mexico Families…it’s not really an effective solution.”

Respect for the Public Heroes: The NMBC would like to thank the new Speaker of the House, Representative Don Tripp. For the first time in recent memory, the House is respecting the public’s time with hearings and floor sessions by actually following posted schedules. Rep Tripp promised the public committee meetings would start on time and they have! The House floor has been conducting a shorter session focusing on lighter business in the morning and then working hard on bills in the afternoon after committees have adjourned.

What’s the Problem with Higher Mandated Wages? Increased minimum wages in New Mexico are not good for our employees, for businesses or our economy. Read more HERE.

Bring Jobs to New Mexico without Government-Subsidized Competition

Legislators are currently looking at using more tax money to bring business - and jobs - to New Mexico. No one would disagree that we need to make that happen.

Call to Action, Support HB 32 and HB 79: This Thursday, 1-29-15, at 1:30 PM in Santa Fe, the NM House Safety and Civil Affairs Committee (HSCAC) will hear two pieces of legislation to end the current practice regarding issuance of driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

Success at the Bernalillo County Commission: Last night, Bernalillo County Commissioners considered a resolution to Congress on a “Fee and Dividend” program concerning CO2 emissions. We are glad to report the vote was 3 – 2, AGAINST the resolution.

There was a great response to the NMBC Call to Action on this issue! Many NMBC members sent emails, made calls and some attended last night’s meeting to give Commissioners feedback. Our VOICE made the difference in stopping this resolution.

What will Bernalillo County Commissioners do? Bernalillo County Commissioners will consider a resolution calling on Congress to impose a "Fee and Dividend" program with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions to 10 percent of 1990 levels. Albuquerque Climate Change Lobby, which is associated with a national group, Climate Change Lobby is behind this effort.

The idea behind the program taxes energy at a rate of $15 per ton of equivalent CO2 with a minimum $10 per ton increase each year. Taxes will be redistributed to taxpayers – BUT companies will have to raise rates, which means the tax will end up getting passed on to consumers.

There's just never enough money for some elected officials because they are on a constant mission to increase the size of government. How do they do it? They take it from us:

Get Ready, NM: The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) will be in Santa Fe throughout the Legislative session. We will be providing our popular Heroes and Zeroes report to keep you current on elected officials’ actions and legislation. The report will highlight HEROES who do the right thing to help this state as well as the legislation that hurts the economy, our children and does ZERO good for New Mexicans. With the ZEROES report, we will let you know who is sponsoring the bad legislation and who is supporting it.

Tune in to 770 KKOB at 9 AM, Sunday: The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) will be on the radio (770 KKOB) at 9 AM Sunday, January 18. Our new Membership Development Director, Brad Jowers, will be on to discuss the NMBC with Terrie Q. Sayre and will be available to take your questions.

What a BASH! With standing room only and a bi-partisan crowd, the pre-legislative BASH (Business and Social Hour) hosted by the New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) was a huge success!

25 elected and appointed officials were in attendance to hear Senator Stuart Ingle and Representative Don Trip speak about the upcoming session and plan to get New Mexico on track to promote business and job growth.

Don’t Miss the 2015 Pre-Legislative BASH: Join the New Mexico Business Coalition tomorrow, January 7, at 4:30 pm at the Albuquerque Country Club for a BASH (Business and Social Hour).

Featured keynote speakers: Senator Stuart Ingle, Minority Floor Leader and Rep Don Tripp, Presumed Speaker of the House. Senator Ingle and Rep Tripp will speak on topics that will be big in the upcoming legislative session, as well as give insight as to what bills might make it to the Governor’s desk.

Happy New Year, New Mexico!

The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) needs your help! Case 13-00390-UT for approval of PNM to abandon San Juan Generating Station Units 2 and 3 will go to hearing TODAY, Monday 1/5/15. We are requesting that you contact the New Mexico Public Regulation Commissioners and urge them to support the plan as submitted.

Happy New Year, New Mexico! The New Mexico Business Coalition is starting 2015 with some great events!

NMBC on the Air: Brad Jowers, NMBC Membership Development Director, will be on 770 KKOB with Terrie Q Sayre on Saturday, 1/3/15, 9 am. Be sure to tune in!


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