Protect Our Permanent Trust Funds: The permanent funds are designed to provide for our children’s educational needs in perpetuity – long past the time our natural resources are depleted. These funds are not “rainy day funds,” but derive revenue from the extractive industries which will one day be exhausted. Read the Op-Ed by NMBC President Carla Sonntag on the Permanent Fund HERE.

Your Vote Matters: With the General Election approaching in less than two months, the New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) encourages voters to learn about their candidates. It is important to understand that strictly voting for a party does not always mean you are voting for the candidate whose values align with yours.

There Is Hope - If You Know Where to Look. Some New Mexicans and most in the media love to talk about all that’s bad with our state, promoting talk about why people are leaving. New Mexico certainly has some bad ratings and an abundance of nay-sayers. But, there are reasons to stay here and even more reasons to fight for a better New Mexico!

We are blessed to live in the best state in the nation and while you hear some grumbling, those who are here know that’s the truth. There is no doubt it’s time for a change – we’ve certainly been doing the same things for almost a century. For starters, it’s time to clean the state House of those who believe that status quo is the way to go.

Your Vote CAN Make New Mexico Better: Voters should expect better from public officials who make laws that affect jobs and our quality of life. The key to a healthier economy is growth of private sector jobs like those recently announced by a health insurance provider and a hotel in Albuquerque. Read more HERE, and HERE.


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