New Mexico, Change is Possible! The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) is focused on working with lawmakers and business owners to find positive solutions to anti-business issues around the state. Onerous, overbearing government regulations and laws that prohibit business growth plague New Mexico. We believe that while discussing the issues is a great start, talk is not enough to spur change.

Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce is Hosting a Pre Legislative Round Table Discussion and NMBC Presentation Titled ‘Pro-Business – Talk is Not Enough,’ on December 15: The Alamogordo Chamber is hosting a Pre Legislative Round Table Discussion with legislators from the area followed by a presentation and Q/A with NMBC President Carla Sonntag. This is a free event, but an RSVP is needed.

NMBC accomplishments on behalf of New Mexico businesses highlighted by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).

On behalf of NMBC, we wish you and your family a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving. We are grateful for each of you who take the time to get involved and support the work of making our state and nation better.

Another List Puts NM at Bottom: New Mexico scored low in an assessment on state integrity. Receiving an F grade for categories like “Executive Accountability,” “Legislative Accountability,” and “Public Access to Information”, the report gave New Mexico an overall “D-” grade, while placing it at a tie for 34th place among all states.

State Medicaid Needs $1 Billion: Members of the Legislative Finance Committee were told last month that almost $1 billion is needed for the state’s share of Medicaid costs. Costs have increased by 8.5% to keep pace with skyrocketing enrollment and the future loss of funds from federal government matching.

Roadblocks to Economic Development Turn to Fast Track Help for Businesses Opening in Albuquerque: The widely anticipated Green Jeans Farmery development was slated to have its grand opening celebration on Tuesday of last week – but the City of Albuquerque permitting section was not able to issue the needed certificate of occupancy for most of the stores.

Setting the Record Straight – Las Cruces Mayor: Incumbent Mayor Ken Miyagishima’s recent campaign materials cited growth and changes in Las Cruces under his leadership. Along with these claims, his website lists several achievements including “commitment to full community participation in city decision-making”. Here’s the problem and why NMBC is setting the record straight:

City of Albuquerque Halts Business Opening: The widely anticipated Green Jeans Farmery development was slated to have its grand opening celebration on Tuesday of this week – but the City of Albuquerque had other plans. Thanks to some creative thinking, this unique project is using old shipping/storage containers for business fronts rather than traditional brick and mortar construction. Government red-tape, however, has delayed all but one tenant from opening their store-fronts, hurting all business in the development. It’s no surprise, but the last thing Albuquerque and New Mexico needs to hear, Green Jeans developer Roy Solomon says he will not bring other business development projects to Albuquerque based on his negative experience with this one.

Supreme Court Vacancy: The NM Supreme Court judicial nominating commission has referred four names for consideration of the governor to fill a vacancy that opens up on November 1 when Supreme Court Justice Richard Bosson retires. The top contender, Judith Nakumura, is a well-respected, veteran judge with a history of leadership within NM courts.

With early voting for the Las Cruces Municipal Election ending this week and Election Day next Tuesday, November 3, the NMBC wants to remind voters that who we elect matters.

Biz Development Workshop to Help Veteran Entrepreneurs: Are you a veteran or know a veteran who would like help to start or expand a business?

Martinez Goes to Supreme Court: Governor Martinez has gone to the U.S. Supreme Court to ask them to overturn a previous ruling that allows public sector unions to collect “fair-share” fees from employees who decide not to become union members.

For some politicians, millions of dollars in “surplus tax revenue” creates just one problem – how to spend it. The Las Cruces City Council has taken so much of your money through increased gross receipts taxes that they have more money than they immediately know where to spend, leaving you with less than you’d like to have.


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