2016 Legislative Session Depression? For those who run a business, plan a family budget and work in the private sector, the news out of our state capital ranging from several hundred million dollars in ‘new revenue’ for next year’s budget to a potential deficit of almost a billion dollars is hard to follow. This much is clear - millions of dollars in increased spending for Medicaid, the Rail Runner, the Spaceport and other ‘investments,’ coupled with a severe drop in the state’s economic driver (oil and gas), have left legislators and New Mexicans with a depressing outlook for at least the next couple of years.

It’s Time to Stop the War on New Mexico’s Children: As the last days of the 2016 Legislative Session unfold, our elected officials need to be reminded that responsible withdrawals from the State Land Grant Permanent Fund (LGPF) are necessary to provide for our children’s education in perpetuity. To increase withdrawal rates and risk our children’s future is irresponsible and would jeopardize the fund. NM already has two “permanent” funds, Tobacco and Severance Tax, which are either dead or dying because of over depletion. We don’t need to use the LGPF that saves taxpayers approximately $814/year per household in taxes as yet another example of how to kill a fund.

Have you had enough of groups like the Sierra Club using the Obama administration’s EPA and BLM to kill NM jobs? Now is the time to speak up because more job killing ‘rules’ are on the way from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The good news is you can easily let the BLM know how you feel by attending a meeting on 2-16 in Farmington.

NMBC Recognized as the Only Business Group Standing Up for Better Stewardship of Tax Dollars and Accountability from Public Officials: NMBC is proud to have been singled out recently by KOAT Action 7 News, Albuquerque Business First, Santa Fe New Mexican, political blogger Joe Monahan and a local Albuquerque paper as the only business group willing to take a stand for better stewardship of tax dollars and against voter suppression.

UPDATE: A Senate Floor vote was taken on SJR 1 on 2/2/2016 and, unfortunately it passed. Please contact all members of the House to encourage them to vote NO on SJR 1.

Get Out The Vote! Election day for the CNM Mill Levy Bond is Tuesday, February 2. We urge all Bernalillo and Sandoval County voters, including Rio Rancho and Corrales residents, to get informed and vote! Voting information can be found here.

The business community has become laser-focused on New Mexico’s educational system because it is producing what we hope will be our future workforce. But the CNM tax increase in the current special election will do nothing to address that need.

Stop the Special Interest Raid of the Land Grant Permanent: NM continues to be ranked among the worst of all states for educational achievement. Many young adults leave school unable to read or grasp basic math skills. Recent reports show we’ve made some improvement, but New Mexico is still ranked 49th.

The 2016 legislative session has begun and both chambers are hearing bills. There are many positive things that can be done to make New Mexico a stronger economic engine and NMBC 2016 priorities, show how we think that can happen. We hope that partisanship will be set aside in the interest of the people in this great state.

CNM Spends $626,000 on 80 Year Old Homes, Asks Voters to Approve a Tax Increase For Dire Need Repairs: The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) has uncovered new information about the Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) request for a property tax increase.

Public records show that CNM has spent $626,000 on off-campus, residential homes that are 80 years old. The homes, listed on Bernalillo County (BernCo) property tax records, are located at 2101 Oxford Avenue SE and 2100 Coal Place SE.

The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) will be in Santa Fe throughout the 2016 Legislative session. We will be providing our popular Heroes and Zeroes report to keep you current on elected officials’ actions and legislation.

A Day to Celebrate MLK: As we celebrate the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King today, it is timely and relevant to remember what Dr. King said about public education:


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