How We Differ from Other Business Organizations

The New Mexico Business Coalition is a true grassroots operation that works to educate individual voters about the candidates and issues in their district, then motivate them to take that knowledge to the polls and vote.

It is the voter who will effect the change we need because educated voters will elect the best candidates when they understand the issues. Reaching those voters is where the NMBC will make a distinct difference in political races.

The NMBC will seek members who support a pro-business government model. We welcome business owners, employees and all of New Mexico’s citizens. Dues are used specifically to fulfill the vision of the NMBC.

How the NMBC will operate:

NMBC will promote a pro business environment in New Mexico by educating voters through the following formats:

  • Printed information that will be mailed to registered voters,
  • Print media such as editorials and advertisements,
  • Radio ads,
  • Television ads,
  • Speaking engagements,
  • Social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube,
  • Informative (and FUN) events.

What We Are

The NMBC is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that works to improve the quality of life for all New Mexicans. Our voter education efforts are nonpartisan and focus on giving New Mexicans the knowledge and encouragement needed to hold candidates, as well as elected and appointed officials, accountable.

What the NMBC will do to change the Anti-Business environment in our state:

The only way to change anything in government is to change who represents us in government.

  • Support incumbent pro-business candidates at the state and federal level.
  • Support pro-business candidates
  • Support pro-business legislation and regulation at the local, state and federal levels and lobby against any candidate or measure that is considered to be detrimental to business operations in New Mexico.

Who We Represent

We represent both business owners and their employees because neither will be successful without the other.

The NMBC is a non-partisan advocacy group that will openly speak the truth about business issues, public officials, candidates, legislation and regulatory policies.

The NMBC is not a chamber, special interest group, or trade association.

Why We Exist

Specifically to change the business environment in New Mexico to one that fosters and promotes job creation.

The NMBC knows the state can do better by lessening the burden on businesses in the form of taxes, fees, registrations, and other requirements. We need to follow the lead of our neighboring states and entice growth and new business by making it easier to operate in New Mexico. We need to eliminate waste and detrimental regulation.