Monday, 06 February 2017 19:43

Care About Our Kids? Time to Vote.

School board elections matter! School board elections are being held around the state on Tuesday, 2/7/17. If you didn't vote early, vote Tuesday.

Don't have kids in school and think it doesn't affect you? Think again! If the kids being educated in the New Mexico school system stay in New Mexico, they will follow one of two paths: 1) They will become New Mexico's workforce; or 2) They will become New Mexico's next generation of government assistance recipients.

Elections matter and this one is critical. If you look at some of the failed policies of New Mexico's largest school district, it's because of decisions being made by the school board. True leadership that will make a difference in the lives of New Mexico's kids is important. We need more people, like Albuquerque Public Schools Board Member Peggy Mueller-Aragon, who will stand up against the status quo and do what's right.

For details on voting locations and candidates, contact the County Clerk from the area where you live.


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