Thursday, 16 March 2017 13:43

Is the Legislature in full meltdown or just experiencing frequent random fires?

Bills passed with strong bipartisan support are being vetoed by the Governor. Some have veto messages and some have no comment.

Senator Brandt started a successful override measure in the Senate on the veto of HB 241 Use of Attendance in Teacher Evaluations. The Senate agreed to override the veto and obtained the necessary two-thirds vote by its members. The measure appears stopped by the House, however, which would also require two-thirds of its members to vote for an override. Rep Gentry, Minority Leader, said he’s confident that the measure will not pass the House.

Two bills with very few dissenting votes in either the House or Senate (SB134 Computer Science for School Graduation sponsored by Sen. Jacob Candelaria, and Rep. Debra M. Sarinana and SB6 Industrial Hemp Research Rules sponsored by Sen. Cisco McSorley) were vetoed by the Governor with no explanation. Was that in response to the veto override?

In addition to vetoes and overrides, there’s been raised voices, accusations and rudeness among committee members. So we ask: Are we in full meltdown or are these random fires?

There was talk at all levels before the session of having a special session. Seriously? The state is broke and paying dearly for this legislative session to resolve the budget issues. Will they get it done or will we have a special session at a cost of $55,000/day (or more) to continue talking about the fact that we don’t have any money?

Here are the truly critical questions: 1) Are we putting New Mexicans' interests and needs above personal agendas? 2) Where's a budget that resolves the state’s solvency issues?

To New Mexico's Governor and legislators, we are praying for your well-being and strength to make a strong finish. We are watching and hoping for solid answers on a budget as well as positive legislation that will move this state in a better direction than we are currently headed.


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