Monday, 22 May 2017 18:08

Just Breathe …. and Vote!

Special Session starts tomorrow: There’s been a lot finger-pointing, name-calling, and postcard mailers with bad information over the past two months. Now, it’s time to take a breath, pray for a short and successful session, and move on to productive business!

We should be New Mexicans first with the desire to move our state from its dismal statistics to the greatness we all know is achievable. We won’t get there with animosity and blaming. Take the time – right now – to send an encouraging note to your senator and representative and tell them you would like to see a short special session that ends with a budget that works for all New Mexicans.

NMBC has been seeking meaningful tax reform for many years. There is no time like the present! If legislators truly believe this can’t be done during the special session, NMBC would ask they make a commitment to get it resolved and passed in the 2018 legislative session.

Time to vote in the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD). Early voting is underway and you can find out here if you are eligible to vote in this election* for the following counties: Sandoval, Socorro and Bernalillo. It’s always important to exercise your right to vote in every election and being involved in the decision on who controls water rights/usage is no exception. You can find information on the candidates HERE.

*Do you wonder, like we do, why we have to have so many special elections at differing times from other elections that cost taxpayers big bucks? There’s got to be a fix for that and we need to find a way to do it!

NMBC is Co-Hosting an Event with Rio Grande Foundation featuring Author and Legal Reformer William Perry Pendley. The event will be on June 12 over the lunch hour – discounted, early-bird tickets are available now. More information and tickets HERE.