Thursday, 28 December 2017 17:01

NMBC Truth Campaign

For too long, New Mexicans have been missing out on the full truth about a wide variety of issues like: 1) what our electric companies go through in dealing with aggressive special interest groups to provide us with clean, affordable, energy; or 2) why some elected officials will pander to special interest groups in order to get re-elected - even when those special interest groups are destroying our economy.

Those times are over. Donate Now!

New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) has always told you the truth, but we are going to step up our game to get you the undiluted facts on issues that can make or break this state. Won’t you join us in that effort?

Thanks to a generous donor, every dollar you contribute will be matched up to $10,000. This donor has had enough and he knows if the truth is going to be told, it will be told by NMBC!

Will you step up to make this happen? If you give $1, our generous donor will, too. If you make a contribution of $500, he will match it and give the same. No matter what you give, you will be supporting an aggressive Truth Campaign by NMBC.

We need your support and you need to know the facts - no matter how hard they are to hear. Please take a moment - right now - to invest in NMBC’s Truth Campaign!

Together, we WILL make a positive difference.Donate Now!