Saturday, 20 January 2018 22:07

Support Energy Redevelopment Bonds

We have an opportunity to take advantage of new energy advances and right now you can support a New Mexico bill introduced this legislative session that will make that possible.


The Energy Redevelopment Bond Act, SB 47/HB 80, will give the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) the oversight for PNM to issue bonds to cover costs associated with the closing the San Juan coal plant. This means that PNM and its shareholders will not face large financial losses from the early closure of this coal-fired facility and our state’s customers stand to save $100 million. Giving the PRC the authority to allow PNM to issue bonds is a smart, tactical decision that moves us to cleaner energy economically.

We need your help to make this happen. Some well-funded radical activists are trying to block this legislation with total disregard to the financial needs of the people struggling to make ends meet in New Mexico! We care about the well-being of our people and the environment. We can make smart transitions that benefit our environment and the hard-working people in the state.

Sign the petition to contact key legislators and let them know you support the Energy Redevelopment Bond Act and that you want them to stand up for all New Mexicans.


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