Wednesday, 07 February 2018 17:34

The House passed HJR 1 Land Grant Fund Distributions

The House passed HJR 1 Land Grant Fund Distributions, CA, Reps ‘Moe’ Maestas, Javier Martinez, and Stephanie Garcia Richards. It’s sad for our state when so many representatives misunderstand the proper use of the land grant permanent fund and what raiding it would mean to our children in future generations.

This fund is not a piggy bank or rainy day fund to be raided whenever you think of something we should be doing in New Mexico. No one disagrees that our children need a better education, but we’ve seen proof positive that money is not the answer. We’ve increased funding for 10 years and yet our results of a poor educational system have not changed. Obviously money is not the answer. But if you take more of those precious funds now, there will be smaller distributions later.

Sadly, this legislation, like many of the other attempts to raid the fund has zero accountability for the use of those funds. Hasn’t New Mexico had enough when it comes to a lack of accountability?

The vote was close in the House, but it passed. Our hope, as always, lies with responsible Senators who, in the past, have held strong against further raids of this fund.

Thank you to those Representatives who voted against this really bad bill!


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