Monday, 04 June 2018 15:17

Stand Against the Progressive Agenda

New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) does not support the hijacked redefinition of 'progressive' and all that it stands for.


The term “progressive” has been hijacked and redefined to represent far left, extreme ideals that are wreaking havoc on our free enterprise system.

The goal of the progressive agenda is to grow government to unlimited control over the United States’ citizens. This ultimately means socialism, a system that has failed in every country that has used it.

The greatest differences between free enterprise and the progressive agenda include: 1) Taxes that go beyond fair contribution for the common good; 2)Government-defined wages that do not reflect ability or experience; 3)Overly restrictive laws on businesses that put control in the hands of government; and 4)Government control of lands that should belong to the state and/or individuals.

New Mexico voters have a choice between progressive, or free market/pro-business candidates for office. We encourage voters to reject the progressive-socialist agenda.