Monday, 03 June 2019 20:22

NMBC's support for re-use of oilfield ‘Produced Water’ leading to exciting opportunities...

Wyoming-based startup, Encore Green Environmental, is pursuing an ambitious pilot project aimed at cleaning up and re-using waste water from the booming oil and gas operations of southeastern New Mexico. The program has the potential to generate more than 40 billion gallons of new water resources annually and use it to increase vegetation for ranching and erosion control. Along with others, NMBC supported HB 546 'Fluid Oil & Gas Waste Act' during the 2019 legislative session, encouraging grass root support from around the state, and the effort paid off.

Marvin Nash, owner of Encore Green Environmental, waited until Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed House Bill 546 into law before submitting his applications. The bill, known as the Produced Water Act, will take effect in July, potentially opening the floodgates for the first time for produced water to be recycled for use beyond New Mexico’s oil fields. NMBC recently talked with Mr. Nash about the exciting opportunities the new law provides in New Mexico and a representative from Encore Green Environmental attended the Energy themed NMBC BASH (Business and Social Hour) held in Carlsbad, NM, on May 23rd.

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