Legislative Update: There is still time for a grouping of anti-crime bills to pass both chambers. NMBC is pleased to report continued hard work and cooperation by leaders from both parties in Santa Fe to pass an omnibus package of 5 bills that would improve safety and help fight crime in our state.

NMBC stands against massive overspending by our federal government and the band-aid approach to 'keeping government open.' Yesterday our elected officials in Washington, D.C., were faced with voting on another kick-the-can down- the-road budget.

Beside the problems on expansion of our national deficit, the budget also has language that will hurt manufacturers, impacting the jobs they provide. NMBC took the opportunity to communicate with New Mexico's congressional delegation, encouraging them to vote against this a bloated and otherwise troublesome budget. As we know, however, the bill passed and the President already signed it.

When the dust settles and how each of our members of Congress voted, NMBC will let voters know.

The House passed HJR 1 Land Grant Fund Distributions, CA, Reps ‘Moe’ Maestas, Javier Martinez, and Stephanie Garcia Richards. It’s sad for our state when so many representatives misunderstand the proper use of the land grant permanent fund and what raiding it would mean to our children in future generations.

This fund is not a piggy bank or rainy day fund to be raided whenever you think of something we should be doing in New Mexico. No one disagrees that our children need a better education, but we’ve seen proof positive that money is not the answer. We’ve increased funding for 10 years and yet our results of a poor educational system have not changed. Obviously money is not the answer. But if you take more of those precious funds now, there will be smaller distributions later.

Senate Public Affairs committee tables SB 179 Employee Preference Act, Senator Ingle. The union representatives gave impassioned testimony about those who want to kill the unions and how Right to Work (RTW) legislation is destroying the economy in every state that has enacted the legislation.

That’s just too much nonsense to cover here, because we’ve seen RTW states’ economies take off after passage of RTW legislation. We’ve seen huge corporations relocate away from non-RTW states to RTW states. But what’s interesting is that the unions are also saying that their membership in New Mexico is growing significantly.

Bi-partisan work at the Legislative Session is good for New Mexico.

Last week the House of Representatives passed HB19, which morphed into a collection of crime bills aimed at making New Mexico safer.

HB169/SB179 Employee Preference Act, cosponsored by Representatives Scott, Townsend, Nibert, Wooley, and Senator Ingle.

HB 2 General Appropriations Act of 2018

This bill will be voted on soon by the full House and then move over to the Senate. Let’s hope it properly funds our courts (we need more judges and staff) and our public safety needs. What is more important when there is about $330 million in new revenue?

HB 129 Biennial Budget Pilot Program. Cosponsored by Reps Hall, Dodge and Townsend.

HB 141 School District Cash Balances by Reps Townsend, Hall, Crowder, Gallegos, and Adkins.

This bill appropriates $40.8 million from the general to refund reductions to the state equalization guarantee (SEG) distribution in FY17.

What is the Carlsbad Brine Well, why do we care and what difference does it make that the Senate killed several bills designed to fund its correction?

The Carlsbad Brine Well was a project years ago to remove brine water from underneath land in Carlsbad. The company doing the work filed bankruptcy and left a giant hole that has been at risk of collapsing for several years.

We have an opportunity to take advantage of new energy advances and right now you can support a New Mexico bill introduced this legislative session that will make that possible.


The Energy Redevelopment Bond Act, SB 47/HB 80, will give the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) the oversight for PNM to issue bonds to cover costs associated with the closing the San Juan coal plant. This means that PNM and its shareholders will not face large financial losses from the early closure of this coal-fired facility and our state’s customers stand to save $100 million. Giving the PRC the authority to allow PNM to issue bonds is a smart, tactical decision that moves us to cleaner energy economically.

New Energy Economy (NEE) has a knack for sensationalism and fund raising, but not for telling the truth. And now they have fallen subject to the NMBC Truth Project.

Why should anyone care what NEE says? Its false and misleading statements have left the realm of their funders and followers and have now hit the mainstream where they are attempting to impact regulatory decisions.

The problem is that it may have worked.

For too long, New Mexicans have been missing out on the full truth about a wide variety of issues like: 1) what our electric companies go through in dealing with aggressive special interest groups to provide us with clean, affordable, energy; or 2) why some elected officials will pander to special interest groups in order to get re-elected - even when those special interest groups are destroying our economy.

Those times are over. Donate Now!

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