Oil Revenues Down for State: It may cost less to fill up your tank, but lower gas prices around the country will result in less oil revenue for New Mexico. This will directly affect the next fiscal state budget. The state had a little over $1.1 billion in revenue from oil and gas last year. According to Finance and Administration Secretary Tom Clifford, a $1 change in oil prices causes a $7.5 million change in revenue.

Watch "Losing Our Land" on For The Record, 6:00pm, tonight Wednesday, December 3rd. See flyer for details.

The documentary refers to this as a ‘silent problem’. It is time for New Mexicans to stand up and be heard. We cannot be silent any longer! Please watch this documentary to better understand what is happening to New Mexico lands and how it affects our families trying to make a living on them.

GOTV Hobbs: The City of Hobbs will decide next week if it will require all voters to present a photo ID for future municipal elections. If the measure passes, the city will provide IDs free of charge to voters without them. Early voting is underway now through Friday, December 5 – Election Day is Tuesday, December 9. More information on the Hobbs voter ID issue HERE.

Small Business from New Mexico Receives Best in the Nation Award: When one of our own small businesses receives a top national award, it reminds us that the American Dream is alive and well right here in the Land of Enchantment!

The NMBC is pleased to recognize ReCARnation of Albuquerque, which received the National Independent Auto Dealers Association 2014 NATIONAL QUALITY DEALER OF THE YEAR AWARD.

Two Steps Forward: New Mexico Oil and Gas Industry Grows and Thrives. The NM oil and gas industry contributes over 31% of New Mexico’s annual budget as well as many jobs providing one of the few bright spots in the NM economy. But it gets better. ConocoPhillips, the top natural gas producer in the state, expects the United States (led by New Mexico’s production) to become a net exporter of natural gas within a few years. The current tax base from oil and gas, along with thousands of high paying jobs, combine to make two steps forward for our state.

The New Mexico Business Coalition would like to express its unending gratitude and appreciation to our Veterans. These men and women sacrificed much to secure the freedoms that we often take for granted.

To those who have served and are currently serving, we thank you. Today, we remember and honor your valor and dedication to fight for and preserve our liberty.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."
--John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Become a member of this great association and join our effort to make New Mexico a prosperous place for businesses and individuals.

The voters have spoken: Statewide results – that are available - can be found HERE.

We are celebrating the election being over and the end of campaign commercials. Millions of dollars poured into the state to influence races and the vast majority of it was used for negative ads. Finally – it’s over!

DO THE DEAD REALLY VOTE IN NM? One person living in Bernalillo County decided to show how easy it is to apply for and receive an absentee ballot for a dead person.

The NM Secretary of State’s office was notified yesterday that three absentee ballots were mailed to one address based on names and dates of birth that had been taken from the Albuquerque Journal Obituaries. The ballots were turned over to the FBI by the NM SOS for investigation. More on the Bernalillo County dead voter absentee ballots HERE.

The LAST thing a NM voter needs to hear when they show up to vote is, “Sorry, you’ve already voted.” It happened in Bernalillo County in 2012 and recently it happened in Rio Arriba County. Requiring a voter to have photo identification would prevent this type of voter disenfranchisement and increase the integrity of our elections.

GOTV: It’s time to Get Out The Vote New Mexico! It’s important that you take time from your busy schedule to vote. Do someone a favor and take them with you.

Be Prepared for Full Ballots: The ballots are very long in some counties due, in particular, to bond issues and judges. The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) recommends that you get prepared to vote by looking at your sample ballot before going into vote. This will give you time to carefully consider the issues and candidates and research those for which you need more information.

This has been an incredibly nasty election cycle. Many candidates - from both parties - have put out information that is sometimes incorrect or misleading. Recent campaign information from Rep Antonio “Moe” Maestas, seeking re-election in NM House District 16, goes to a whole new level.

What does $10.10, 1.29 million and a NY billionaire have in common? They all relate to the New Mexico general election currently underway. Here are the details:

Las Cruces Elected Officials Pushing for $10.10/hour wage: The Las Cruces City Council will take up the minimum wage issue tonight. Mayor Ken Miyagishima, who favors moving the wage to $10.10, has said the public WILL NOT be able to comment on the issue. "This work session is not to hear the pros and cons of why they feel this should go through.”

The NMBC on TV tonight: The President and Founder of the NMBC, Carla Sonntag, will be a featured panelist on tonight’s New Mexico In Focus, KNME Channel 5, beginning at 7 pm.

Quite a Stir over the New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) suggesting voters THINK before they vote on Bond Issues. Yesterday the NMBC put out an email titled “Just Say No.” Wow, did we get some voters thinking!

The NMBC received positive feedback on how refreshing it is to have a business group that actually thinks through the issues. We also heard from some who question why anyone would consider not supporting bond issues. It’s GREAT to get so many voters and the business community tuned in to a frank discussion on the issues.


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