ABQ MAYOR JOB INTERVIEWS at the NMBC BASH, June 27: When hiring for any position it is important to research the applicants, check references and conduct a thorough interview. The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) encourages your participation whenever an elected position is on the ballot. After all, it is VOTERS that determine who gets hired or fired.

The Bernalillo County Minimum Wage Law: 90 Days in Jail

Its Not Too Late, It's Time for Action: Get Involved New Mexico

What a GREAT BASH (Business and Social Hour) Last Night:

The New Mexico Business Coalition BASH (Business and Social Hour) is Thursday, April 11, RSVP here.

Minimum Wage Increase Considered for Bernalillo County:

Legislative Heroes: It takes a special kind of person to serve in the New Mexico state legislature and continually stand up to the pressures of ‘going along to get along’. In our state, that unfortunately means fighting against the movement towards socialism or the desire to end our individual rights for the “perceived” good of the masses.


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