New EPA Guidelines: The new guidelines proposed by the EPA will require carbon emissions from power utilities to be down 30% by 2030 based on 2005 levels. Each state will have the chance to customize their own compliance plan for these guidelines, but one of the biggest concerns is how it will affect consumers. The more measures a utility company has to take before it can supply energy, the higher the cost of the energy.

Victories: Voters soundly defeated two candidates in statewide races running on a progressive platform: Alan Webber, Democratic candidate for governor, and John Wertheim, Democratic candidate for Treasurer.

Who We Elect Matters: It’s time for voters to expect more from candidates and demand accountability from elected and appointed officials. If a candidate is untruthful or acting inappropriately, do you think they’ll change if elected? You shouldn’t because history shows the behavior usually worsens when they have power associated with an elected office.

Setting the Record Straight: New Mexico House District 23 Candidate Catherine Begaye sent out a fundraising email that was void of truth AND content. She stated, "Last week, my opponent did something really scary – he attended an event held by the New Mexico Business Coalition, a far-right group that is funded by the Koch Brothers!"

The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) is against progressive ideas, the progressive agenda and progressive public policy.

Why? Originally, the word progressive, when used to describe people or politics meant, "Those who favor progress toward better conditions in government and society." The new progressive definition is something vastly different and is dangerous to the values and liberty that made our country great.

What a BASH! Last night, the New Mexico Business Coalition Pre-Primary BASH (Business and Social Hour) was attended by a great group of elected and appointed officials, as well as business leaders and members of the community. Candidates in the primary election were interviewed on behalf of the New Mexican voter. Each candidate answered questions specific to their race, but centered around issues critical to New Mexico business environment.

Job Interviews at the NMBC BASH -- Want to be a part of the interview process? On behalf of the New Mexico voter (The Boss), the New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) will be holding job interviews for federal, state and county positions tomorrow, Thursday, May 22, 2014 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm at the Albuquerque Country Club. Early bird pricing of $10 has been extended through today - unless you have pre-registered, tickets tomorrow and at the door will be $15.

Last Chance on Early-Bird Tickets for the New Mexico Business Coalition BASH! Early-bird ticket sales for the Albuquerque Pre-Primary BASH (Business and Social Hour) end today (5-20-14). Join us this Thursday, May 22, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at the Albuquerque Country Club.

New Mexico Heroes and Zeroes. On a positive note, we have New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) HERO, Representative Sandra Jeff, a Native American (Navajo) Democrat, who has been quoted about the role of an elected leader in a way that is respectful of all people and political parties. “It’s not about being a Democrat or Republican. It’s about an opportunity of coming together and doing what’s right for the people of New Mexico.” Working together for the good of all New Mexicans? Now, that is the kind of talk and leadership we need at every level of our government!

It's Time to Change the Narrative: The results are in - New Mexico ranks 20th in the nation for educational spending. If this is the case, why do our student achievement scores rank at the bottom? Even with the poor rankings, the state has increased the budget for educational expenses for next year. NMBC 2013 Hero of the Year, Senator John Arthur Smith, said “What I have a difficult time with is we are 20th in spending and we’re still at the bottom in achievement. We have been giving you (school districts) more money and you haven’t shown improvement, so why should we give you more now?” The NMBC agrees. Read more HERE.

What a BASH (Business and Social Hour)! The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) Las Cruces Pre-Primary BASH last night was a huge success! There was a great crowd at La Posta de Mesilla as Doña Ana County and surrounding areas got fired up to make positive changes in their community this election season.

Las Cruces Pre-Primary BASH is this Week! The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) BASH (Business and Social Hour) is this THURSDAY, May 8, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm at La Posta de Mesilla. Join us for great food and a chance to visit with and hear from candidates in the upcoming election*. Attendance to the BASH is FREE, but we need a head count so registration is required.

Who We Elect Matters: It is important New Mexicans know that voters can either keep or change our elected officials. We can improve New Mexico's position from poverty to one of prosperity, but this will only be accomplished by electing more pro-business officials.

******************** Setting the Record Straight *******************

Bernalillo County Sheriff Candidate Scott Baird Changes Position on EEOC Issues: August 2012: When he was a Bernalillo County Chief Deputy, Scott Baird said he did not witness misconduct by Sheriff Dan Houston towards female employees.


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