New Mexico, It’s Time for a GOOD BASH (Business and Social Hour): The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) is pleased to invite you to a post-session BASH on March 6, 2014, at the Albuquerque Country Club, from 4:30 – 6:30 pm.

Tell NM Representatives to Do Their Job – Don’t Legislate by Constitutional Amendment: SJR 13 ANNUALLY INCREASING MINIMUM WAGE, CA is one of the top priorities of the majority party in the Roundhouse. SJR 13 passed committee today and is now headed to the full House of Representatives for a final vote. If the NM Constitution is amended according to the provisions in SJR 13, the state minimum wage will automatically increase each year based on the rate of inflation. At this point the main objection is that the use of the NM Constitution for this type policy is dangerous and wrong!

The HOUSE Rules: In past years, New Mexico has looked to the NM Senate to stop bad legislation. That certainly didn't happen this year with the minimum wage Constitutional Amendment, SJR 13 ANNUALLY INCREASING MINIMUM WAGE. The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) and New Mexico are relying on the House to stop this measure as well as further raiding the Permanent Fund. CLICK HERE for some great advice for our elected officials from a NM business owner.

Many state legislators are posturing for re-election rather than taking care of business: On Friday, 2/14/14, all Senate Democrats – except John Arthur Smith – voted YES on a Constitutional Amendment that would raise the minimum wage with a CPI Index. What a shame – what a sham! This is nothing more than election year posturing and will be detrimental to all New Mexicans.

REP MONICA YOUNGBLOOD DEFINES PRO-BUSINESS FOR SAM BREGMAN: The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) is pleased to recognize the outspoken and HEROIC comments made by Rep Monica Youngblood in today’s Albuquerque Journal. In reference to recent bullying tactics and an op-ed by Democratic Party Chair, Sam Bregman, Rep Youngblood said, “As a pro-business lawmaker, I support policies that encourage employers to hire more workers – not force them to cut hours or staff.”

CALL TO ACTION, OPPOSE SJR 13 ANNUALLY INCREASING MINIMUM WAGE, CA: This resolution, (a constitutional amendment) sponsored by Sen Richard Martinez is headed to the full Senate for a vote. If the NM Constitution is amended according to the provisions in SJR 13, the state minimum wage will automatically increase each year based on the rate of inflation. A look at history, when we had double digit inflation in the 1970’s, tells us the damage SJR 13 could do. Beyond that, our elected officials need to do their job. This CA is an attempt to avoid the normal legislative process and is not a constitutional issue.

AROUND THE ROUNDHOUSE: Word is out that an agreement on the NM Budget is being hammered out this morning by members of the House. Both parties will caucus and if all goes well, the House could pass a budget bill that will then go to the Senate.

NM Elected Senators and Representatives Need to Do Their Job: The purpose of a NM 30 or 60 day legislative session is for our elected legislators to work together, putting partisan agendas aside, and do what’s right for all New Mexicans. Unfortunately, some elected and party officials have made it their #1 goal to Raid the State Land Grant Permanent Fund and hurt the unemployed and working families by forcing companies to pay higher entry level wages. The strategy to further this agenda is to pass Constitutional Amendment (CA) issues that will be placed on the November ballot.

CALL TO ACTION, SUPPORT SB 9, ONE-STOP BUSINESS PORTAL ACT TODAY: This bill, sponsored by Sen Mary Kay Papen (D), will be good for our economy, making it easier for businesses to operate in New Mexico.

Call to Action, Oppose SB 285 RAISE MINIMUM WAGE: It is being sponsored by Senator Clemente Sanchez. This bill will mandate increased wages and will hurt New Mexico's economy. SB 285 is being considered TODAY, 2-6-14, at 1:30 PM, in the Senate Public Affairs Committee.

Call to Action on HB 168 PHASED-IN SUPPLEMENTAL INCOME TAX: This will raise taxes on working New Mexico families! It is being sponsored by Rep Patricia Roybal Caballero and Sen Peter Wirth who say it only applies to ‘high wage earners,‘ in the form of an “INCOME TAX SUPPLEMENTAL TAX.” This bill is being considered TODAY, 2-5-14, in the House Taxation and Revenue Committee.

Threats and Intimidation Tactics Don’t Stop NMBC Legislative HEROES: We know that progressive political leaders like Sam Bregman and his following of radical action groups use threats and intimidation against anyone who gets in the way. Part of their agenda during this session is to use constitutional amendments as a way around the legislative process. The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) is proud to say that those bullying tactics are no match for legislators who value doing what is right for New Mexicans above any other agenda.

Is There Cooperation & Bi-Partisan Work Going on in Santa Fe? Yes and No…

Some Good News from the Roundhouse: House of Representatives Speaker Ken Martinez introduced many bills yesterday and got through some sitting in the stack. Unfortunately, the House is just barely getting through those bills that were prefiled and there is much work to be done to get caught up with all the bills that have been filed.


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