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Current Initiative: Dare To Change NM

Do you dare to change New Mexico? 

For 92 years, our elected leaders have failed to produce the quality of life New Mexicans deserve. The results speak for themselves: 46th in median household income, 49th in education, 48th in best states for business, 2nd in poverty, 50th in child well being, 1st in alcohol related deaths and the highest suicide rate in the nation. NMBC President and Founder Carla Sonntag said, “It’s time to consider a new path forward. The only way for our citizens and businesses to prosper is through electing a legislature that is balanced and responsive to the needs of New Mexicans.”

NMBC’s latest project, Dare New Mexico, was created in conjunction with local business and civic leaders to share the stories and struggles of New Mexicans before and during the Covid-19 pandemic, and push for a change in the way NM has operated for nearly 100 years. To start the project, Dare to Change New Mexico will share real life stories of the hardships New Mexicans have faced under the Governor’s Public Health Orders.

Every COVID-19 death is tragic, but so are deaths from increased suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, and cancelled health screenings, which aren’t being accounted for in the state’s daily updates. Dare New Mexico seeks to shine a light on these stories that fall by the wayside and coalesce to comprise a picture of leadership failures and mismanagement at the highest levels of our state. 

New Mexico has been primarily under one-party control since 1928. Throughout that time, we have been unable to solve the litany of problems leading to our poor ratings. With 101 challenged seats, the November election is a critical opportunity to restore a balance of power in our legislature. Click the link below to visit the Dare New Mexico homepage and learn more about NMBC’s latest project.