Thursday, 29 September 2016 19:15

Candidate Interviews – on Air today; Bad PRC Decision on Nuclear

Supreme Court & SOS Interviews: Listen TODAY on 95.9 FM

Candidate Job Interviews Today from 4 – 6 pm: Candidate job interviews conducted in Albuquerque by NMBC and interviewer, Eddy Aragon, will air today on the Rock of Talk, KIVA 95.9 FM and 1600 AM.

Tune in to hear candidates answer direct questions related to the job they would like you to hire them to do. Interviews airing today will include: Secretary of State: Nora Espinoza; Supreme Court Candidates: Judy Nakamura (incumbent) and Michael Vigil; Court of Appeals: Stephen French (incumbent) and Julie Vargas; and Senate District 9: John Sapien (incumbent) and Diego Espinoza

And don't forget to join us every Saturday morning at 8 am to hear Carla Sonntag, NMBC president, and Eddy Aragon, the Rock of Talk, on Business Matters.

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Bad PRC Decision on Nuclear. The hearing on the PNM rate case was completed yesterday and will be appealed by PNM to the Supreme Court. On a 3-2 vote, the commission adopted Commissioner Lyon’s order that adopted most of the Hearing Examiner’s recommended decision (RD). The order also brought in Palo Verde at 27 percent of its cost. There was no cost recovery for the balanced draft system being installed by PNM at San Juan Generating Station, which was approved last fall in the San Juan case.

This was not a good decision for the company, its shareholder or ratepayers. Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station is the top nuclear energy producer in the world and regularly sets safety records. It is New Mexico’s best carbon-free reliable base load option available and this could have significant impacts on cost and reliability in the future.

More information on PRC's ruling yesterday HERE.


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