With PaySolv HR, your employee data is in one place.
It’s accurate. It’s timely. It’s super easy to use.

As an NMBC “partner service provider,” PaySolv HR can help drive workplace efficiency, compliance, productivity and profitability while reducing the cost of employee benefits.

About PaySolv HR:

PaySolv HR was founded on the idea of disrupting the traditional way of outsourcing HR: to provide a scalable cloud-based payroll, HR, and workplace and finance management solution, allowing businesses to empower their workforce to make smart decisions based on real-time data. Their system can incease your workforce performance and company profitability.

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An inspired and innovative approach to managing HR

Fully engage your people on their mobile device

Applicant tracking makes your hiring process a breeze

Use one version of a single system across your entire organization

Make better business decisions based on appropriate insight

Get a full view of talent, labor, and cost with our technology that’s one with finance and payroll

Eliminate most manual processes and automate your office