The New Mexico Business Coalition holds events periodically to further connect with the community and get them involved in helping improve the state. Our events are both held in-person and through webinars via Zoom and have always proven to be successful and effective for the community and our state. 

Some of our events include:

  1. B.A.S.H. (Business And Social Hour) Events Including incredible food, featuring powerful speakers and live performances, with the chance to network with elected officials, business owners, and many others.

  2. Heroes Banquet- Similar to the B.A.S.H. events, it’s a chance to network with many powerful individuals in our state, while honoring those that have actively served our communities to make them safer. There is also food and key speakers at these events.

  3. Zoom Webinars- These events are primarily informational and help to educate the public about state issues, laws, regulations, and ordinances that effect New Mexico businesses and their employees.