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The NMBC is a true grassroots operation that will educate individual voters about the candidates and issues in their district and motivate them to take that knowledge to the polls and vote.

It is the voter who will affect the change we need because educated voters will elect the best candidates when they understand the issues. Reaching those voters is where the NMBC will make a distinct difference in political races.

  • NM Legislature Moving Forward on Mandated Wages
    NM Legislature Moving Forward on Mandated Wages

    No matter how you package it, a minimum wage increase isn't just bad for business and our state's economy; it's bad for the very people we want to help. What's the solution? The free-market system and better education or training. Learn more on NMBC's position about mandated wages from Carla Sonntag in commentary published by Albuquerque Business First, HERE.

  • RPNM Defamation Lawsuit Update
    RPNM Defamation Lawsuit Update

    I've received several inquiries about my defamation lawsuit against the Republican Party of New Mexico (RPNM) and thought I’d provide an update.

    Here are the most frequently asked questions:

  • NMBC BillTracker Rocks!
    NMBC BillTracker Rocks!

    Legislative Heroes and Zeroes Update: Currently, over 1,100 pieces of legislation (901 Bills, 196 Memorials, 35 Resolutions) are making their way through the House and Senate. At the midpoint of the session, there are way too many ‘revenue enhancement/tax increase’ and government growth bills that do ZERO good for New Mexico on the table.

  • What's The Worst Bill of the 2017 Session (so far)?

    We have some ideas - Give us Your Thoughts!

  • NMBC Stands Up for High Paying New Mexico Oil & Gas Jobs
    NMBC Stands Up for High Paying New Mexico Oil & Gas Jobs

    New Mexico Business Coalition Works to Repeal BLM Venting And Flaring Rule

    On a recent national conference call with reporters, New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) president Carla Sonntag endorsed the use of the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to overturn the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s “venting and flaring” rule. The rule imposes new federal restrictions on top of existing state and federal regulations dealing with methane emissions from oil and natural gas wells.

  • Care About Our Kids? Time to Vote.
    Care About Our Kids? Time to Vote.

    School board elections matter! School board elections are being held around the state on Tuesday, 2/7/17. If you didn't vote early, vote Tuesday.

    Don't have kids in school and think it doesn't affect you? Think again! If the kids being educated in the New Mexico school system stay in New Mexico, they will follow one of two paths: 1) They will become New Mexico's workforce; or 2) They will become New Mexico's next generation of government assistance recipients.