We want to make New Mexico a better place to live and work by seeking reasonable laws, regulation, and leadership that will promote job creation and allow businesses to grow. 


The New Mexico Business Coalition cares deeply about the state and wants to build an active team of people who are united in the desire to improve the lives of all who live here.

  • We value hard work

  • We put God first and the needs of others above our own

  • We do all that we can to help ensure the success of every member, business partner, and employee


We value…

  • Being honest

  • Planning for success

  • Helping others achieve success

  • Doing superior work quickly, efficiently and accurately

  • Building alliances

  • Being good stewards of all resources including our time

  • Finding joy and laughter every day


NMBC is known throughout the state for honesty, New Mexico Business Coalition is known for honesty, integrity, dedication, and uncompromising ethics.  

That’s why we…

  • Promote policy that will create jobs in New Mexico and allow those businesses to operate profitably

  • Hold elected officials accountable for decisions that impact business operations and quality of life

  • Maximize the value of our assets and resources

  • Always work in a responsible, caring, and productive manner