We offer benefits such as...

  1. Membership Community and Networking Opportunities- We connect business owners with the community through our weekly email updates and events.
  2. A Job Board- Our members send us their job openings, we post them on our website, highlight them in our weekly email updates, and help them get employees.
  3. Events & Workshops- Giving you full access to important New Mexican figures such as elected officials, city councilors, law enforcement and more. View our events HERE.
  4. Virtual Workshops- We share ongoing issues in our state, while empowering you to do something about those issues and become a more pro-active New Mexican.
  5. Volunteer Experiences- Through our sister organization, Rebound New Mexico (RNM), you can volunteer to give back to the community and improve the lives of those around you.
  6. Discounts- Our partners over at UPS, Infintech, and Connex Marketplace help you start, grow, or expand your business with discounts on shipping, payment processing, and more.
  7. Free Publications- Through NMBC’s president, you can publish your news and opinions to the New Mexico Sun News as an op-ed.
  8. Other Freebies- Gives you an automatic, free membership to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and their Advocate Member Program (AMP).
  9. Professional Advocacy- We represent your voice through dedicated lobbyist groups at all government levels.
  10. Exclusive Information- We put together extensive voter education so that you can be well-informed in each election and have a clear understanding of the issues in the Legislative Session . View our work from the 2022 Election HERE. View our work from the 2023 Legislative Session HERE.
  11. Influence- We give you easy access to decision makers in our state through our Calls to Action as well, allowing you to voice your opinions on critical issues.