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"Why should you be a member of NMBC?"

NMBC provides our members with benefits that improve their businesses and their lives including:

  • Membership Community & Networking Opportunities:
    • You’ll connect with business owners and your community through our Business Spotlights bring featured in our weekly emails updates.
  • A Job Board:
    • NMBC members get to send us their current job openings and we add them to our website and our weekly emails, to get those positions filled in their company.
  • Events & Workshops:
    • Get exclusive access to important New Mexican VIP’s including elected officials, city councilors, law enforcement, business owners and more. Learn more about our events here.
  • Discounts:
    • Help grow or expand your business with discounts from Infintech, and Connex Marketplace to save on shipping, payment processing, and more.
  • Free Publications:
    • Your news and opinions (op-eds) could be published in the New Mexico Sun News, through our NMBC President, Carla Sonntag.
  • Professional Advocacy:
    • Lobbyist groups represent your voice during legislative committee hearings. In real time, they stand before NM lawmakers and advocate for or against laws that affect New Mexicans.
  • Exclusive Information:
    • Our voter education informs you about each election’s candidates and about the important issues during each Legislative Session. View our previous work from the ’22 NM Election here. View our work from the 2023 Legislative Session here.
  • Influence:
    • Connect with NM decision makers through our Calls to Action, to voice your opinions on critical issues. 

Still have questions or comments? Email or call (505) 836-4223.