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The NMBC is a true grassroots operation that will educate individual voters about the candidates and issues in their district and motivate them to take that knowledge to the polls and vote.

It is the voter who will affect the change we need because educated voters will elect the best candidates when they understand the issues. Reaching those voters is where the NMBC will make a distinct difference in political races.

  • Where do we go from here?
    Where do we go from here?
    Congratulations to all those who took an active part in this election. Thank you to those who were candidates and worked day and night for a seat, those who stood by them every step of the way, and those who voted for the first time in many years because they cared. 
  • Breaking News and Other Resources
    Breaking News and Other Resources

    We're sure many of you have voted by now, but we also know that things come up and many have not. You can find early voting locations HERE. Tomorrow will be the last day for in-person voting and locations will be open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

    Here's some new information that just came out from This scorecard has ratings for Congressional transparency.  Above, you will see the scores for Representatives Michelle Lujan Grisham and Ben Lujan who both received an "F", and Representative Steve Pearce who received a "B".

    NMBC was pleased to see that the scorecard from OpenTheBooks is non-partisan and uses objective standards to determine scores, much like we do. Here is a link to the full scorecard. For those skeptics out there, it is noteworthy that Representative Paul Ryan, Republican Speaker of the House, received the worst grade of any Congressman with an "F" with 22%.

  • Voter Education: Constitutional Amendments
    Voter Education: Constitutional Amendments

    How about the Constitutional Amendment questions on the ballot? Given the unquestionable problems with ethics, corruption and abuse of public office that exists in New Mexico, the need for increased investigation and accountability is unarguable. As one of only a handful of states without an Ethics Commission, we should follow the best practices of other states and avoid the pitfalls too. But here’s the thing voters should ask, “Is this something that should be in the state constitution?” NMBC’s position on this issue is that our state legislators should pass appropriate laws to adjudicate and fund an Ethics Commission, which does not require a constitutional amendment.

  • Voter Education: Bonds
    Voter Education: Bonds
    What should voters know about the bond questions that are on the ballot?   
    NMBC believes there is too much fraud, waste and abuse in government and the only way to stop it is to stop the flow of taxpayer money to fund it. In fact, in the rare cases where voters do reject a bond issue (like the $150 million General Obligation Bond for Higher Education that voters defeated in 2010), it makes a huge difference in how elected officials and directors of our universities take notice of what concerns the public. 
  • Setting the record straight on Public Safety
    Setting the record straight on Public Safety

    Do police body camera’s lead to better accountability?   

    Public safety breeds prosperity and that’s something New Mexico needs.   The issue of increased crime in our state is one of NMBC’s priority objectives for legislators, but elected officials at the local level need to be held accountable too. 

  • Setting the Record Straight: no lies, but let’s talk some truth.
    Setting the Record Straight: no lies, but let’s talk some truth.

    The final televised fight – or as some would say Gubernatorial Debate – was last night. It was easy to see the passion and determination in both candidates. The question is will that passion and determination help or hurt the state of New Mexico and the people living here?