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The NMBC is a true grassroots operation that will educate individual voters about the candidates and issues in their district and motivate them to take that knowledge to the polls and vote.

It is the voter who will affect the change we need because educated voters will elect the best candidates when they understand the issues. Reaching those voters is where the NMBC will make a distinct difference in political races.

  • Supreme Court rules in favor of Worker Rights
    Supreme Court rules in favor of Worker Rights

    The U.S. Supreme Court just ruled that government workers who choose not to join a union cannot be charged for the cost of collective bargaining.

    This is a huge victory for worker rights and will build on the Right to Work (RTW) momentum in New Mexico!

    However, the Supreme Court ruling only impacts government (public sector) employees. So it's import that NMBC continues working to pass a RTW ordinance county by county that will cover private sector workers.

    You can be a part of worker freedom history:

    Donate HERE to help pass/defend RTW in NM!

  • New Mexico's Proud Copper Mining Heritage
  • Stand Against the Progressive Agenda
    Stand Against the Progressive Agenda

    New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) does not support the hijacked redefinition of 'progressive' and all that it stands for.


    The term “progressive” has been hijacked and redefined to represent far left, extreme ideals that are wreaking havoc on our free enterprise system.

  • Stop the insanity in Sandoval County
    Stop the insanity in Sandoval County

    Sandoval County Ordinance Resolution Needed

    Commentary by Carla J. Sonntag, President and Founder, New Mexico Business Coalition

    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. In the case of the Sandoval County oil and gas ordinance, we seem to be playing that game, but with new features that add to the craziness.

    Oil and gas operations have been in the County since the 1950s. While the idea of an ordinance isn’t new, Commissioners can’t seem to reach a decision on how to handle it. At least five times now, the Commission has had ordinances in front of them and have been unable to act.

    Why? Because irrational activists have drowned out the voice of reason on what constitutes a judicious and useful ordinance. Hysteria booming through the halls of the Sandoval County Government Building controlled the conversation. “Tribal consultation hasn’t happened!” (The County has no authority over tribal lands.) “The ordinance is being rammed through at the last minute!” (Sandoval County has considered an ordinance for two years.) “It will destroy our land and water!” (There has never been a documented case of contaminated water due to oil and gas operations in New Mexico.)

  • Right to Work (RTW) Facts for NM County Ordinances
    Right to Work (RTW) Facts for NM County Ordinances

    To address misinformation about the Right to Work (RTW) ordinance NMBC is supporting that recently passed in Sandoval and Otero County (and is under consideration in several other counties), consider these answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    Will the RTW ordinance affect our teachers, firefighters or police?

    No! They are completely unaffected.

    The RTW ordinance only affects private sector employees covered by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), a federal law. No state, county, or municipal employees will be affected by the ordinance in any way.

    In fact, hiring halls for construction trades, such as the carpenters or operating engineers, are unaffected. Many employers find the hiring hall arrangements allow them to screen and hire qualified employees, and they are not prohibited by right to work laws in states or counties.

  • Hands off of New Mexico's permanent fund
    Hands off of New Mexico's permanent fund

    Hands off permanent fund

    Letter to the Editor, Albuquerque Journal, published on April 7, 2018. Written by JOE STEHLING of Angel Fire

    I TRULY DO not understand why the activists who want to tap our permanent fund are willing to sacrifice the future of New Mexico to throw more money at early childhood education. They have no idea of the economics and long-term impact on drawing down the fund for unproven results.