About New Mexico Business Coalition


Established in 2009, the New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) is a nonpartisan voice for business owners, employees and individuals in New Mexico. Created and staffed by native New Mexicans, we believe our state can do much better than current national ratings reflect. An advocate for all businesses and individuals, NMBC also took on the role as the state affiliate for the National Association of Manufacturers.  

We know firsthand what it takes to run a business and that’s why we are effective in working in a nonpartisan manner to promote business policy that works. Best business practices should take precedence in decision-making, not special interests.

NMBC provides you access to the political process to whatever extent you desire. Our extensive voter education efforts focus on giving New Mexicans the knowledge, resources, and encouragement needed to voice their opinions through our Calls to Action and to vote. 

NMBC doesn’t accept government monies or rely on sole-sourced funding for our operations. We are supported by individual New Mexicans and business people operating in our state who want less onerous government regulation and a brighter future for New Mexico.