Since 2009, the New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) has been a nonpartisan voice for business owners, employees and all people of New Mexico. Created and staffed by native New Mexicans, we believe our state can do much better than the current national ratings show.

To further advocate for businesses and employees, NMBC also took on the role as the state affiliate for the National Association of Manufacturers to help connect producers with manufacturers, promoting job creation in our state.

We are a successful and effective coalition because we understand firsthand what it takes to run a business and the importance of business policies that work and will improve the lives of those working in those businesses. We also believe that the best business practices are the ones that  take precedence in decision-making, not special interests.

NMBC provides you access to the political process to whatever extent you desire:

  • Voter Education- giving New Mexicans knowledge to have an informed vote during each election.
  • Weekly Newsletters- updating members and business owners weekly about news and statewide efforts
  • Calls to Action- giving people easy access to stir change and conversation with legislators and elected officials.
  • Events- in person or via Zoom that educate the public.
  • The New Mexico Sun- a news publication we work with to share news and the voices of all New Mexicans. 

We don’t accept government monies or rely on sole-sourced funding for our operations. We are financially supported by individuals and business owners who want to see New Mexico become a better place to work and live and who believe in the mission we’re on for a brighter future for our state.