2014 NMBC Heroes and Zeroes

1) Any attempt to further raid any permanent fund for any reason;
2) Any attempt to legislate through Constitutional Amendments on anything that is not a Constitutional issue. This includes, but is not limited to, minimum wage, drug use, etc.
3) Picking winners and losers through tax concessions.
4) Either the House or the Senate bypassing the committee process and pulling legislation to the floor without due process.

1) Creating an economically viable environment for all businesses to thrive which includes: a) Reasonable tax structure and regulation; b) reduced paperwork and bureaucracy; and c) the necessary infrastructure for operations.
2) Correcting the licensing issue for undocumented persons;
3) Improving our educational system to enrich our future work force.

A JOBS CREATED or KILLED Report Card will be published statewide at the end of the session.

To start off with in 2014, here are a few ZEROES:
HJR 3, CA Land Grant Fund for Education, Rep Jim Trujillo
SJR 10, CA Marijuana Possession, Use & Regulation, Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino
SJR 12, CA Land Grant Fund Balance & Education, Senator Michael Sanchez
SJR 13, Minimum Wage, Senator Richard Martinez

President Obama considering an Executive Order on Minimum wage: Usurping his power again to bypass Congress.

Please contact the New Mexico Business Coalition at (505) 836-4223 or nmbiz@nmbizcoalition.org for more information.