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2018 Election: ‘Setting the Record Straight’ on U.S. Senate Race

  • Post published:October 23, 2018
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That’s not possible for two reasons:

1) Everyone pays Social Security at the same rate, but there’s a cap on how much they pay;

2) New Mexico firefighters, police and teachers don’t pay Social Security. They pay into the state’s pension fund and those payment rates are negotiated by the respective unions. It’s not that the rates are too high, they’re not high enough. That’s the reason the state has a huge unfunded liability. Taxpayers are on the hook to pay many times over what these groups have paid into their retirement fund. We need reform and we need to figure out how to cover this huge and growing liability.

Regarding Social Security reform. Are you tired of Congress moving the retirement age back like many of us are? Every time a goal post for retirement is in sight, it gets moved further away. Why are they doing this? Because they’ve used security to cover all kinds of things it was never meant to cover and the system is going broke. It wasn’t meant to pay out for people who never paid in and It was never meant to provide disability income for those who really could be working. If you’re like most of us, you know someone personally (or know of someone) who is on SS Disability who only works for cash or otherwise limits their reportable income in order to maintain their ‘disabled’ status.