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2021 Legislative Heroes and Zeroes

  • Post published:February 5, 2021
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Every year during the Legislative Session NMBC has carried on a practice of  identifying “Legislative Heroes and Zeroes.” While NMBC does not label individuals or lawmakers as “Zeroes,” we won’t hesitate to talk about legislation as a “Zero” if it provides no real benefit to the state and sometimes, even worse, if it takes New Mexico further down the wrong path. On the other hand, there are always some pieces of legislation that exceptionally demonstrate a keen understanding of what New Mexico needs from it’s elected officials. These are bills that promote job growth, reduce crime and provide brighter futures for NM families. 

NMBC is proud to bring you information about public officials who have the power and responsibility to provide a pro-business environment in which all businesses can flourish, provide jobs, and improve the economy and the quality of life for all New Mexicans. Below is an ongoing list of legislation that NMBC has identified as a “Hero” or “Zero.” We’ll be updating this list as new bills are introduced and the session continues. For a complete list of all the bills NMBC is working on this session, check out the NMBC bill tracker HERE.

2021 Hero Legislation

  • HB 139 and HJR 6: are bipartisan efforts to bring balance back to the legislative and executive branches.
  • HJR 4: Constitution Amendment to address ‘catch and release’ judicial reform (unfortunately this bill was killed/tabled in committee).
  • HJR 6: is an attempt to bring balance to the branches of Government by limiting the Governor’s overreach.
  • HJR 7: School choice will allow students to be educated where they choose.
  • HB 49: Like 37 other states, this bill seeks to get past state greed and looks at the need of retirees by exempting Social Security from state income tax.
  • HB 134: Family Friendly workplace incentives employers for providing certain benefits instead of beating them into compliance with prosecution and fines.
  • HB 151: Initiates a Mental Health Consortium to develop a statewide action plan to help those with special needs.
  • HB 180: Limits fund appropriated by the Governor during public health emergencies to $750,000 per quarter.
  • HB 182: This bill would allow local school boards to decide if they will hold on campus learning during health emergencies.
  • HB 159: Prohibits rule making during a pandemic.
  • HB 186: Balances the fiscal responsibility of funding UNMH and eases the tax burden in some areas.
  • HB 278: would correct the over taxation of inter business services and make progress on NM’s tax pyramiding. 
  • SJR 5: Prohibits unfunded mandates on schools.
  • SB 1: Provides temporary tax relief for restaurants.
  • SB 2: Will provide relief to business owners who hold a liquor license, one of the hardest hit businesses since the lockdown.
  • SB 3: The Small Business Recovery Act provides more available tools for struggling businesses. 
  • SB 78: Exempt Social Security from income tax.
  • SB 171: Allows school districts to determine the best way to educate students with pandemic consideration. 
  • SB 293: would provide relief to businesses by allowing a waiver or refund of license fees that were assessed during the shutdown.  

Zeroes from the House

  • HB4: Increases liability (lawsuits) for law enforcement and the agencies they work for.
  • HB 12 and HB 17: Cannabis Regulation Act.
  • HB 13: Requires emergency care for non-citizens (undocumented) that is already covered by federal statute.
  • HB 20HB 37 & HB 38: Business mandates for statewide paid leave.
  • HB 40: bars privately managed detention facilities.
  • HB 50: Allows individuals to sue businesses for any alleged infraction against air, land, and water.
  • HB 110: Mandated $15/hour minimum wage.
  • HB 122: New tax on health insurance.
  • HB 137: Would cause electric rates to increase.
  • HB 140: Elimination of minimum sentencing for criminal sexual penetration.
  • HB 148: Increase UI contribution rate.
  • HB 154: Creates a new state board and new tax on drug makers.
  • HB 236: Would create a state bank, putting NM taxpayers at higher risk of losing tax dollars. 
  • HB 268: Would allow contracting Covid to fall under the provisions of workers compensation. Premiums for employers could go up and the WC fund could be depleted. 
  • HJR1: Increased raid of the permanent fund.

Zeroes from the Senate

  • SB 8: Air quality regulations that circumvent the past two years of work by stakeholders to promulgate rules.
  • SB 11: Imposes drastic requirements for vehicle emissions that will greatly increase costs of vehicles.
  • SB 13:Cannabis Regulation Act.
  • SB 56: Increase top personal income tax rate to 8.2%.
  • SB 63: Require all new school construction to include solar panels.
  • SB 67: Requires all new energy to be renewable.
  • SB 84 Community Solar Act creates higher electricity rates that pay for solar generation.
  • SB 86: Regulates water use by the oil and gas industry and would require 22 new FTE at a cost of $2.3 million in salary plus more for equipment and other expenses.
  • SB 89: Increase top personal income tax rate to 6.5%.
  • SB 110: Increase taxpayer contribution to educational retirement board pension plan.
  • SB 130: Requires 75% of state vehicles to be electric.
  • SB 132: Requires all new homes to have solar panels and charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • SB 149: Prohibits the issuance of new Fracking Licenses.
  • SB 288: Cannabis Regulation Act.
  • SB 363: Cannabis Regulation Act.
  • SJR 3: Enacts a “green” amendment to the state constitution.