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2021 Albuquerque City Council Candidates: Voter Information

New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) sent each Albuquerque City Council candidate a survey, asking them to share with voters their position on important issues, such as: crime, homelessness, ‘sanctuary’ status for anyone breaking the law, government mandates that impact employer/employee relationships, good stewardship of tax dollars and more.  

NMBC does not make endorsements.  We do encourage ABQ voters to research the candidate who will represent their district and find out which one says they agree to…

  • Take an aggressive approach to crime issues, eliminate ‘sanctuary’ status for all unlawful activity and clean up rundown areas of Albuquerque;
  • Oppose government mandates that hurt businesses, working families and job opportunities;
  • Work to further develop and grow the Albuquerque economy by reducing barriers to development; and
  • Make Albuquerque a more welcoming and attractive destination for new jobs and economic activity.

Here are the unedited survey responses of candidates who chose to share their positions with voters:

     Lori Robinson, District #7 

     Rob Grilley, Dist #9  

We’ve done the homework, now we need you to do the legwork – GO VOTE!