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2021 Albuquerque Public School Board Candidates: Voter Information

New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) sent each Albuquerque Public School Board candidate a survey, asking them to share with voters their position on important issues, such as: linking compensation for Superintendents/Teachers to student outcomes, how capital outlay budgets should be handled in light of declining enrollment, Critical Race Theory mandates, good stewardship of tax dollars and more.  

NMBC does not make endorsements. We do encourage ABQ voters to research the candidate who will represent their district and find out which one says they agree to…

  • Work to ensure Superintendents and other top school officials compensation is tied to measurably improved outcomes for our children;
  • Oppose mandated curriculum that teach children to view history through a racial lens or that their future success is bound more by the color of their skin than the content of their character;
  • Review usage of current schools in light of declining enrollment and close/consolidate facilities where possible to maximize tax dollars; and
  • Work to ‘raise the bar’ of expectation from administrators, teachers and students to improve graduation rates and educational outcomes.

Here are the unedited survey responses of candidates who chose to share their positions with voters:

     Jinx Baskerville, District #3

     Ali Ennenga, District #3

     Lucas Gauthier, District #3

     Danielle Gonzales, District #3 

     Arthur Carrasco, District #6

     Celia Cortez, District #6

     Julie Brenning, District #7

     Courtney Jackson, District #7

We’ve done the homework, now we need you to do the legwork – GO VOTE!