The links below show unedited candidate survey responses for clear voter education. This helps New Mexicans see where school-board candidates stand on certain issues, giving the public insight as to what they’d do if elected into local office in November.


District 1:

  • Janelle Astorga
  • Verland Coker
  • Robert Trujillo 

District 4:

District 2:

Albuquerque Bond Issues: How do you vote?

Are you aware of any fraud, waste, or abuse of your tax dollars? If so, you may want to reconsider voting for the bond issues on the 2023 ballot this year.

Many of us have become dissatisfied with how government is managing the items up for Bond renewal. Voting No does not mean you are against police, roads, or any of the other items. It simply means you are sending a message that government needs to be better stewards of your tax dollars. But here’s another important bit – property taxes will decrease if any of these tax issues fail.

If you, as a voter, are happy with the way government spends your tax money, you could vote to continue to fund those projects. But for most in Albuquerque, being content with government work hasn’t happened in a long time. Maybe it’s time to finally vote no.



District 74:

District 75:

  • Sharon Harris
  • Kelly Kern
  • Rachel Montoya
  • Brett Bruton

Los Lunas

District 86-2:

  • Sonya Moya
  • Monica Otero

District 86-1:

District 86-4:

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