$5.6 Billion Spent; NM #1 in Poverty

Lost your job or had your hours cut? It could be one of the many ‘unintended’ effects of Obamacare. Read more here.

Interested in a Property Tax Cut? State Representative Bill Rehm thinks it’s time to reduce the amount of property taxes paid to the University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH). Why? UNMH had a cash balance of over $209 million dollars last year. Read more here.

New Mexico universities are asking voters to approve millions of dollars for building repairs and capital projects. Here are some things voters should consider. Remember the $750,000 paid to UNM Coach Mike Locksley so he would leave? And consider the $450,000 being paid to NMSU President Barbara Couture even though she’s gone and has already started a new job. How about CNM with 7 locations to maintain? It’s no surprise they have repair and upkeep issues. Yet, they can pay VP Beth Pitonzo her salary of $150,000, when she’s is not even at the college working as a vice president. And CNM can afford to hire Bob Brown the day after he retires (with a $65,000 pension) on contract for $125 an hour.

Here’s a thought — university regents and officers should be better stewards of the millions they have before they ask voters for more.

NMBC is Setting the Record Straight: In any campaign, it’s part of the game for political parties and candidates to produce information expressing views on candidates they support or those they oppose. It is not appropriate, however, to lie, mislead or embellish the facts. New Mexico voters are smarter than that and are tired of the smear campaigns. Here are two bad examples from the past week:

Campaign literature against State Rep Conrad James (R, HD 24):

The claim: State Rep Conrad James “voted against funding to provide women with mammograms and cancer screenings.” The source of this allegation is his vote on HB 2 during the 2011 legislative session.

The truth: The NMBC checked the facts and this is what we found. The vote in question had nothing to do with a single issue like medical funding. The vote was about Rep James and 43 other lawmakers taking a stand against out of control spending. The truth is Conrad James has a record of supporting fiscally responsible legislation that helps grow our economy and improve the quality of life for all New Mexicans.

Campaign literature against candidate for State Rep, Kelly Fajardo (R, HD 7):

The claim: State Rep Candidate Kelly Fajardo is ‘radical’ and ‘too extreme for Valencia County families.’ The source of this allegation is her reported association with a group called TEA Party Patriots. The reference of teapartypatriots.org is provided to check the facts.

The truth: The NMBC checked the facts and this is what we found. The literature claiming that Fajardo is radical or extreme was sent out by a Washington, D.C. group that is against the principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government. The truth is New Mexico and our nation need more pro-business candidates, like Kelly Fajardo, who understand that government growth is not the answer.

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