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The 2020 General Election in NM has begun: Absentee Voting Begins Today!

  • Post published:October 6, 2020
  • Post category:News

Starting today New Mexico voters will begin receiving their absentee ballots in the mail, making the 2020 general election officially underway in New Mexico! If you have not requested your absentee ballot but still need to do so, New Mexico voters will be able to request an absentee ballot until the cutoff date on October 20th.  The most important thing for absentee voters to be aware of is that you should mail your completed ballot back to your county clerk no later than October 27th to ensure it arrives before 7pm on Election Day. To be on the safe side, mail your completed ballot in as soon as you can to ensure your vote is counted. You can also drop off your ballot at your county clerk’s office or at any polling location in your county during Early Voting or on Election Day.

The New Mexico Secretary of State’s website has everything you need to request your ballot and track it in live time as it’s sent to your official mailing address, and as it’s returned for counting. You can even check to see the date your ballot is officially counted! Click the links below to request your absentee ballot or to check on the status of your ballot in live time as it makes its way through the mail. 

If you haven’t registered to vote today is also the last day to do so!

October 6th is the last day you can register to vote in New Mexico before the general election! If you still need to register, you can until 5PM today. To register you’ll need to provide 3 pieces of information that must match the New Mexico MVD database:

  • Your social security number,
  • Your driver’s license number or state identification number, and
  • Your date of birth.

You can register online using the Secretary of State’s website with the link below or visit your county clerk’s office to fill out the Voter Registration Form. For a list of the contact information for all 33 county clerk offices here