April BASH & NM Heroes

  • Post published:March 19, 2013
  • Post category:Events

The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) works to build a healthy business environment for ALL New Mexicans. The only way to accomplish our mission is to have more pro-business people serving at every level of government. And the recent 60-day legislative session proves NM can do better. The NMBC believes an educated voter is more likely to vote and more likely to make a better decision when they do. That is why the NMBC provides a ‘scorecard’ as a starting point for New Mexico voters with our popular HEROES and ZEROS reports. You won’t want to miss the post-session review at the April BASH.

GET TICKETS NOW FOR THE APRIL BASH (Business and Social Hour): Join the NMBC, elected/appointed officials, along with business and community leaders for a Post-Legislative Session BASH (Business and Social Hour), on April 11, 2013 at the Albuquerque Country Club.

Light appetizers provided; cash bar available. GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!

Sponsorship opportunities available. Contact NMBC at nmbiz@nmbizcoalition.org.

Heroes and Zeros: Heroes and Zeros is a popular series that will continue throughout the year. It is not just in the heat of the legislative session that we see New Mexico’s Heroes rise up to do what is right for the businesses and the people of our state.

It’s interesting that two of the Heroes we’re recognizing today are two that received awards at the NMBC Heroes luncheon last fall. These people aren’t ones who do a single heroic act, but rather make it their way of life – putting New Mexico in front of personal agendas.

Governor Martinez was able to get some business done for the state and we applaud her success! Lowering the top Corporate Income Tax rate to 5.9 percent over five years will not only benefit those companies currently creating jobs in our state, but be a welcome invitation to other businesses as well.

While we still question the value of the spaceport, created under the Richardson administration, we applaud the passage of legislation that will shield commercial space travel companies from some damage lawsuits. This will, hopefully, keep Virgin Galactic in the state while attracting other commercial space companies.

The NMBC thanks the Governor for her commitment to veto the minimum wage increase. While supporters see an opportunity to help some, they fail to realize that businesses will be forced to raise prices to cover the increase, thus hurting those who did not receive the increase. We would actually see some on fixed income, such as social security or disability, hurt from this action. Jobs and hours would naturally be cut by some employers trying to stay afloat. It truly is not a beneficial action to raise the minimum wage for a few and hurt many.

Senator John Arthur Smith is an asset beyond compare in New Mexico. As Chair of Senate Finance, Senator Smith works tirelessly throughout the year to assure that our state’s needs are met and the budget is balanced. He was unwavering in support of the state’s permanent fund and not allowing it to be raided by every legislator who saw the need for more money in pet projects.

Senator Smith’s knowledge of the budget is unmatched and something we would be hard pressed to do without. Our state government would be wise to start training others to understand and appreciate budgetary matters the way this man does. Without him, New Mexico would be in a world of hurt – no doubt seeing the permanent fund depleted and an unsustainable budget expansion.

Thank you, Governor Martinez and Senator John Arthur Smith, for your unwavering leadership and support of business in New Mexico!

Join us as we work to make NM Prosperous!