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APS tax increase: Bailout or Ballot?

  • Post published:January 7, 2019
  • Post category:Issues

Some of the roofs have already been repaired several times. Why didn’t APS assure it was done properly? Because they think they have unlimited access to more of your money!

Everyone wants to see our children receive a quality education and graduate to provide a trained workforce. We all agree that teachers need quality training as well. APS’s solution is to build a brand new training facility called the Montgomery Complex. 


Remember when APS bought the twin towers near Coronado shopping center and had more administrative space – by far – than they could use? In fact, APS struggled to pay the mortgage until voters bailed them out with more money. 

Why couldn’t APS provide training in these buildings they already own, but don’t need? Because it’s easier to ask voters for more money and build a new facility.

Remember when Del Norte High School didn’t have enough students to continue operations? The legislature debated for a couple of years if they should continue capital outlay for schools like that when students could, instead, be bussed to a better school nearby. 

What was the APS solution to this problem? Tear down the school and build a brand new one – even though the student population still doesn’t warrant it. 

APS is concerned about student safety. So are we.  This should be priority number one – even before education and part of the annual APS budget.  Did it just now occur to APS to keep our kids safe?  No, that’s not the case.  But it sounds like a real good reason to get more of your tax dollars. The truth is, APS has the money now and they’ve always had the money to keep our kids safe – if APS had made this the top priority rather than putting money into buying and constructing more buildings. 

Make sure your voter registration is current and when the APS bailout (oops – ballot) arrives, VOTE SMART!