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Candidates are facing legal challenges over their nominating petitions

Ballot trouble

  • Post published:March 27, 2018
  • Post category:Issues

State law prohibits altering the header on petitions used to gather voter signatures. Angel Pena, who was running in the 2nd Congressional District, has already lost a court battle that tossed him from the ballot because his name was ‘altered’ in the heading on his petitions.

Other candidates, who are incumbent State Reps Sharon Clahchischilliage and Kelly Fajardo, are also facing court challenges over similar ‘petition header’ issues. With 5 open House seats on the ballot already (an incumbent is not on the ballot), the possibility of more incumbents being disqualified over technical matters on their nominating petitions could have a significant impact on the primary and general election results this year. Read more HERE.