BASH Reminder

The 2013 Post Legislative Bash is this Thursday, April 11, at the Albuquerque Country Club. Robert Aragon, longtime business owner and attorney, will talk about key issues in the state. Bernalillo County Commissioner Wayne Johnson will provide an update on the Bernalillo County Commission to include the upcoming vote on the minimum wage as well as his thoughts on raising the Gross Receipts Tax (GRT). Counties and municipalities have been given the right to increase GRT, without a vote from citizens, to raise revenue for that which may be lost due to the new tax package recently signed into law.

This law will affect all New Mexicans. Your participation in this meeting will provide important information for you to take back to your respective city and county commissioners.

Don’t miss the fun and inside scoop on how other elected officials performed during the 2013 legislative session, Thursday, April 11, 4:30 – 6:30 pm, at the Albuquerque Country Club, 601 Laguna Blvd SW. Light appetizers provided; cash bar available.

Here are some of the elected officials who will be attending the BASH:
Senator Craig Brandt
Senator George Munoz
Senator Sander Rue
Senator Lisa Torraco
Representative Tom Anderson
Representative Kelly Fajardo
Representative Jimmie Hall
Representative Yvette Herrell
Representative Sandra Jeff
Representative Larry Larranaga
Representative Paul Pacheco
Representative James Smith
Representative Monica Younglood
Bernalillo County Commissioner Wayne Johnson
Tijeras Village Councilor Maxine Wilson


Aragon Law Firm, PC – Robert Aragon
NM American Fire and Sprinkler Association – David Wilson
Americans for Prosperity -AFP

Minimum Wage Increase Considered for Bernalillo County: Santa Fe and Albuquerque have increased the minimum wage through local ordinances. Now, the Bernalillo County Commission has a hearing to consider raising the minimum scheduled for April 23, at 5:00 pm, in the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government, Vincent E. Griego Chambers, Concourse Level II. Does raising the minimum wage help? Read more in this article: ‘Low-Wage Hikes Do Little for Economy’.

If you want to let the Bernalillo County Commission know that raising the minimum wage is bad for our economy, here are options:
1. Print, sign and get others to sign a Petition for Employers;
2. Print, sign and get others to sign a Petition for Residents; or
3. Sign a Statewide, online Petition for Business Owners Opposed to Raising the Minimum Wage,



Please join us as we work to make New Mexico a properous place for businesses and individuals!