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Bernalillo and Sandoval County Commissioner Races

  • Post published:September 16, 2020
  • Post category:Issues / News

This year’s election is a big one. In November, voters will be deciding on contested races from the President down to various local races and constitutional amendments. There has never been a more important time to vote and New Mexico Business Coalition is ready with the information you need to make an informed decision at the polls.   

If you know of a contested race outside of legislative races where you would like to see candidate interviews, give us a call.  We want to help provide important information to voters in any contested race!

This year, there are various contested County Commission races. NMBC has reached out to the incumbents and candidates in Bernalillo and Sandoval to give them an opportunity for a “job interview”.  These interviews provide important information for voters to learn more about the candidates’ position on critical issues.  

Bernalillo County Commission District 4

The contested race for Bernalillo County Commission’s fourth District features Republican candidate Walt Benson facing off against Democratic candidate Wende Schwingendorf. 

Republican Candidate Walt Benson

Democratic Candidate Wende Schwingendorf

NMBC invited both candidates to interview for the position, but Candidate Schwingendorf was unable to participate due to unforeseen circumstances. Click the video below to see Candidate Walt Benson’s NMBC job interview for the position of District 4 Commissioner. 

Sandoval County Commissioner District 2

The first of two contested races for Sandoval County Commissioner features Democratic candidate Leah Michelle Ahkee-Baczkiewicz running against Republican incumbent Jay C. Block. 

Republican Incumbent Candidate Jay C. Block 

Democratic Candidate Leah Michelle Ahkee-Baczkiewicz

Both candidates were invited to interview with NMBC for the position of Sandoval County Commission District 2 , but candidate Leah Michelle Ahkee-Baczkiewicz was unresponsive to multiple attempts to reach her or her team. Click the video below to watch incumbent candidate Jay C. Block’s interview. 

Sandoval County Commissioner District 4

Candidate Alexandria C. Piland, Sandoval County Commission District 4, declined NMBC’s offer to participate. Click the video to watch incumbent candidate David J. Heil’s interview. 

Republican Incumbent Candidate David J. Heil

Democratic Candidate Alexandria C. Piland