BERNCO Sheriff: Setting the Record Straight

April 2014: At a public event, now a candidate for Bernalillo County Sheriff, Baird said he witnessed inappropriate conduct by the Sheriff.

Was Scott Baird being untruthful in 2012 when he was a county employee or is he being untruthful now that he wants the Sheriff’s job? You decide, SEE and HEAR it for yourself HERE.

Scott Baird Promotes His Family Business While Campaigning for Bernalillo County Sheriff but Denies a Conflict of Interest with DWI Arrests: When questioned by an audience member about a conflict of interest between DWI arrests and work done by his family business, Baird said, “No, we have nothing to do with that.”

The fact is, public records show that Scott Baird’s business made over $35,000 for work related to DWI vehicle seizures.

Why did Baird deny he had any involvement? Do we want a Sheriff whose personal business makes money from work related to DWI arrests? You decide, SEE and HEAR it for yourself HERE. Click HERE for related DOCUMENTS.