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Blank Checks — Low Expectations – No Accountability

  • Post published:March 1, 2017
  • Post category:Issues

Here’s a thought for NM Legislators: “No more blank checks and low expectations for our children’s future – we want accountability.” NMBC encourages voters to demand accountability from elected officials who want to raid NM permanent funds for the millions of dollars spent ‘for our kids,’ and yet our children’s education and wellbeing are consistently ranked at the bottom in the nation. Read more about accountability and tax dollars spent on education, HERE.

Will Tax Increases Help or Hurt New Mexico’s Economic Problems? Although there are many tax bills still being considered in Santa Fe, it’s not just state legislators that are looking to increase taxes. Even though taxes were just raised countywide in 2015, Bernalillo County Commissioners are moving forward to again increase the county’s Gross Receipts Tax, read more HERE. It’s been said, ‘An economy cannot be taxed into prosperity.’ NMBC agrees and encourages New Mexicans to let elected officials at all levels of government know where you stand on the numerous proposed tax increases.