Breaking News on CNM Bond & SF Update

  • Post published:January 22, 2016
  • Post category:Issues

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NMBC on the News: NMBC was featured on KOAT, Channel 7 news last night urging voters to get informed and make their voice heard on the CNM bond election. See the story here.

Santa Fe Property Tax Increase: Santa Fe voters will decide about a school mill levy that will maintain the property tax increased two years ago without their input. The City Council voted 3-2 to increase the property tax (equivalent to $150/year on a $300,000 home) two years ago for the Digital Learning Plan, but then lobbied the legislature to allow voters to decide on the issue. Good job on allowing people to vote on this issue! Read more here.

As always, the NMBC encourages people to get to the polls and exercise their right to vote. You might want to assure that the tax will only stay in effect for three years. Then again, taxes don’t seem to follow Isaac Newton’s law, “What goes up must come down”. Once taxes go up, it’s a rare day indeed that they will ever go down.

Santa Fe City $15 million Budget Shortfall: The Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce suggests reducing payroll, among other things, in order to balance the city budget that has a $15 million shortfall. Read more here.

Santa Fe Minimum Wage Impact: Santa Fe’s budget shortfall, with a suggestion to cut payroll, comes at a time when Santa Fe’s minimum wage just increased to $10.91. Do you think the City Council could possibly consider the impact this very high wage decision has had on its economy?

Voting sites may be viewed here.

Contact the NMBC with questions or comments at or (505) 836-4223.