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Business Spotlight: ABQ Manufacturing

  • Post published:July 26, 2021
  • Post category:News

New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) has grown over the past ten plus years into a formidable, outspoken advocate for pro-business public policy and increased private sector job opportunities for New Mexicans.  One of the key elements of a brighter future is great businesses that provide the jobs, products and services that improve the quality of life for all New Mexicans. NMBC is glad to profile some of those businesses: This week we feature Bruce Bell and ABQ Manufacturing.

President and Founder Bruce Bell began a one-man powder coating operation in 1995, and with his quality workmanship, soon grew it into a larger shop, offering more services over time. Now, Bruce and his son Adam, proudly oversee a turn-key operation that includes powder coating, precision masking, and sandblasting. ABQ Manufacturing’s philosophy: If we provide a high-quality product, delivered on time, at a competitive price, people will seek us out.

What does ABQ Manufacturing do? Short and simple, they deliver personalized powder coating services and precision masking for diverse industries such as architectural, military, electronic, solar, civic, commercial, and artistic trades.

Powder coating is the technique of applying dry “paint” to a part. It contains no solvents and is applied in its dry powder form directly to the surface of the metals to be coated. Powder is cost effective and is superior to most liquid coatings and since there are no solvents, the entire powder coating process is environmentally friendly.

After many years of continually upgrading equipment and improving methods of operation, Bruce and Adam look forward to continued growth for their customers. From small jobs such as metal patio furniture to big jobs such as metal fencing, ABQ Manufacturing does it all.

Bruce Bell’s strong sense of responsibility to the planet and community is evident in his processes and materials he uses. ABQ Manufacturing maintains waste management programs that include recycling of materials and waste reduction and monitoring. Their employees and customers can feel good about ABQ Manufacturing’s commitment to being responsible in everything they do.

So, when you have a metal product that needs a beautiful and durable finish, visit ABQ Manufacturing at: