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Business Spotlight: Javin Atreides of Body Potions Emporium

  • Post published:April 7, 2023
  • Post category:News

The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) has grown over the past fifteen years into a formidable, outspoken advocate for pro-business public policy and increased private-sector job opportunities for New Mexicans. One of the key elements of a brighter future is great businesses that provide the jobs, products, and services that improve the quality of life for all New Mexicans. NMBC is grateful to profile some of those businesses: This week we feature Body Potions Emporium, Inc. one of NMBC’s proud members.

Body Potions Emporium, Inc. has been offering New Mexicans unique alternative health solutions since 2018. Over the 5 years of being in business, Body Potions Emporium, Inc has certainly created a reputation in the health and wellness community as the place to go for affordable professional massage therapy, private yoga, ear candling, and reiki. Body Potions Emporium’s five-star reviews show they truly care about the well-being of their clients. The wellness providers at Body Potions Emporium, Inc. believe that a perfect blend of scientific methods and holistic and natural approaches are what their clients need in partnership with traditional western medicine. 

Bod Potions Emporium, Inc has gained the trust of many New Mexicans over the years, with many claiming that they’ve ‘…walked out feeling much better’ and that:  “Just walking through the door of Body Potions Emporium, Inc. relieves their stress and gives them a sense of personal wellness.”

Please visit their website HERE and take a look at their services and learn more about how they don’t just take care of their clients but also the planet by increasing pollinator populations in the Sandia Mountain Ranges. 

Clients of Body Potions Emporium enjoy guilt-free self-care, knowing they are not just taking care of themselves; they are helping Body Potions Emporium with their environmental mission to save the bees and other pollinators in New Mexico which is important work.