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Business Spotlight: Mt. Taylor Manufacturing

  • Post published:July 26, 2021
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New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) has grown over the past ten plus years into a formidable, outspoken advocate for pro-business public policy and increased private sector job opportunities for New Mexicans.  One of the key elements of a brighter future is great businesses that provide the jobs, products and services that improve the quality of life for all New Mexicans. NMBC is glad to profile some of those businesses: This week we feature Matt Allen and Mt. Taylor Manufacturing and Out of the Woods MFG.

Mt. Taylor Machine, LLC dba Mt. Taylor Manufacturing, and Out of the Woods MFG are a multi-faceted family-owned organization with three of its divisions located in Milan, New Mexico and one, Out of the Woods MFG, located in the South Valley of Albuquerque.  MTM’s business history began in 1965.

Working with the US Forest Service and NM State Forestry, MTM performs forest restoration in the Zuni Mountains, near the Grants/Milan area. Harvesting small diameter, drought ridden, overgrown ponderosa pine trees makes our local forest more resilient to catastrophic wildfire, and more importantly, helps save our local watersheds which fire can ruin as a result of ash deposits and build-up.

MTM creates products from the harvested material designed to assure nothing harvested goes to waste. These include rough green lumber , wood pellets for home heat, horse bedding pellets containing rosemary (Horses don’t like to eat rosemary and better, flies don’t like it either making it the only natural fly repelling horse bedding pellet in the world (MTM believes)), garden bark, colored garden mulch, certified playground chips (if you go to an Albuquerque public park, dog park or an APS park, the wood chips come from MTM!) and pecan shells which are used as in gardens for decoration or to add acid to the soil.  MTM also operates an industrial machine shop primarily servicing drilling industries.

Their latest product, being made at the Out of the Woods plant, is BBQ wood pellets called “Flavors of the Southwest”.  These pellets are a hardwood blend mixed with pistachio, rosemary, pecan and soon, red chile.  More flavors will be developed as we progress.

An impressive part of the Albuquerque operation is that they recycle clean wood waste which prevents it from being land-filled.  The company is not only saving our forests and watersheds, they are also saving land-fill space. Nails, screws and other tramp metal are removed magnetically. 

NMBC is happy to share this business profile with its members. Wow, what an innovative business, and, of course, we are excited they found a way to get chile in their product. We are so proud Matt Allen and his great team for their recycling efforts, eliminating wood waste, protecting and restoring our forests and watersheds. Plus, all the work you do by adding Fire Resilience to the Land of Enchantment. Please visit MTM’s website at: