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Businesses “In a world of hurt”

  • Post published:March 25, 2021
  • Post category:News

Rob Black, the president and CEO of the New Mexico Chamber of Commerce, spoke with the Albuquerque Journal this week to address the state of NM businesses. “We were, and are, in a world of hurt right now,” Black said. Specifically the small business community in NM has seen the roughest of waters over the last year. Black cited a few reasons for the continuing struggle in spite of recent news trends indicating things are “getting back to normal.” Specifically Black noted the dwindling working age population in NM that’s expected to shrink by 3% over the next decade. That is in stark contrast to our neighboring states who are seeing an increase in working age populations. 

Also of concern for the Chamber of Commerce CEO was the events of the legislative session. Lawmakers passed some significant bills aimed at directly stimulating the business economy in the state, but for every two steps forward there was one step back. Unfriendly business bills like HB 20, the paid sick leave bill, will harm small businesses in particular and further burden their recovery efforts. Click HERE to read more.