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CABQ Council pushes back paid time off decision

  • Post published:June 30, 2020
  • Post category:News

The Albuquerque City Council decided last night to kick the can down the road on some highly anticipated bills that would have detrimental effects on businesses in the city. The “Premium Pay” mandate that was proposed by city Councilors Isaac Benton and Lan Sena was voted down in a 7-2 decision, but the Council push back the other two controversial bills on emergency sick leave and paid leave for employees. Those bills are expected to be heard at the next city council meeting in August. 

The bill that was passed in last night’s marathon session was a city wide mask mandate. The unanimously passed ordinance mandates that businesses require employees to wear masks and that they required to provide them for employees. Additionally it requires businesses to post signage indicating that masks are required. The bill does not include that businesses should confront patrons who do not comply. Read more HERE.